Immediately uninstall these android apps with malware

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Android apps with malware
How to remove android apps with malware.

Android apps with malware.

After the Indian Government action of the ban for 59 applications which were using user’s data and personal information without their information, Google has also taken steps against these apps and removed them from the play store. One more incident of Android applications hurting clients by infusing malware on their mobile phones has become exposed. As per researchers at Check Point, several 11 applications were recognized which were infected with the malware known as Joker malware. Google has been inspecting these applications since 2017 and has at last removed them from its Play Store.

Researchers found another variation of the Joker malware that was available inside genuine applications. Android clients who may have any of these applications introduced ought to get them removed right away. I have listed these applications which were found injecting malware.

Apps list :-








How to find and delete these Android Apps with malware from your phone?

These apps could be in your mobile installed with any name or any icon.

All these applications accompany various names however filled a
similar need. Some were step counters, picture editors, video
applications, others were backdrop applications, file explorers, and
mobile games.

1.To find these Android apps with malware Download this app from play store named package name viewer 2.0 or any apps similar to this which shows package name(

2.Then enter these listed package names one by one and search for this.

3. If you find any of the app installed on your mobile just uninstall it.

Tell us also in what name you find these apps by comment section available at the last of this post.

What were these Android Apps with malware doing?

As indicated by the researchers, these applications were buying into premium administrations in the interest of clients, without their insight. This implies you could be ransacked of your cash without really buying into these Services. Hackers built up an old method of getting inside applications they could pass Google Play’s insurances.

Check Point included that despite Google Play’s security includes, the Joker malware is still very hard to identify and track. Furthermore, it might just make it back to the Play Store.

Not long ago, Google discharged a report where it said that it had identified and removed 1,700 malicious “Bread” applications from the Play Store. These Bread applications are ones with the Joker malware. Google said that these applications were expelled even before clients could download it.

A week ago, Google had Removed 25 applications from its Play Store that were supposedly taking your information. The issue was distinguished by French cyber-security firm Evina, which confirmed that these applications took Facebook Data of clients. The firm even referenced that when they were brought down, these 25 applications were downloaded for some 2.34 multiple times altogether.

All info provided here in this post is from news sources.

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