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Top 5 best file sharing apps 2020 free (share it alternative)

There was a time when people were using infrared to transfer files that were very little in data size. Then Bluetooth left infrared technology miles away in file transferring, communication, and speed.

Now its year 2020,

As technology progressed, the file sharing application also did a great job. These applications surpassed Bluetooth in terms of speed and communication. In such applications, Wi-Fi is used for data transfer in which files are transferred by creating links between two devices with the help of a hotspot or by being on the same network without any data charges.

Today I am going to tell you here about The best file sharing apps so far which are also free for download.

you can use these applications as an alternative to share it app because SHARE IT banned by the country government and many other Chinese apps are getting banned.

Here is the list of the best file sharing apps 2020:-

Best File Sharing Apps 2020
  1. 1.JioSwitch (ad-free version)

If you want to reject China and its products, here’s what you can do, use the stuff made in India. JioSwitch is an Indian alternative to SHARE IT that can help to transfer files without using Mobile Data or the Internet.

JioSwitch has great reviews in the play store and apple app store.

Surprisingly, this app does not show you ads, unlike other apps that show you more ads. This app is a cross-platform app that supports file transfer between Android and iOS. Transferring files is easy via Wi-Fi even though there is no limit, download from the link provided below.

AndroidApple ios

Best File Sharing Apps for android


SuperBeam is a fast file sharing app that uses Wi-Fi Direct again to share files. You can share files with other devices in three ways; Scan the QR code to connect (the QR code scanner is included), enter a key to connect to, or receive via NFC.

If both devices are connected to the same WiFi, the SuperBeam can be transferred over Wi-Fi. However, if you do not have a Wi-Fi router, SuperBeam uses Wi-Fi directly to transfer files. If the connection is lost the file transfer can be restarted.

With SuperBeam, sharing files with your computer is easy using the web interface. The Pro version allows you to send files to multiple devices, send entire folders, and more. The app is free to download and has advertising support.

Click below to download for your device:-

AndroidApple ios

apps like share it
  1. 3.Send Anywhere (File Transfer)

This is a great tool if you want to send your files anywhere in the world with a link without having to upload it on any shared server. All it needs is a one-time 6-digit key to authenticate. It uses Wi-Fi Direct for faster file transfer without using mobile data or the Internet.

This allows you to share files with multiple people at once via a link. It transfers data through 256-bit encryption. There are ads in the free version, however, you can remove it using the paid version.

but the free version doesn’t limit file size so it is not necessary to pay for it.

AndroidApple iosWindows

share it alternative
  1. 4.Files by Google

If you don’t want to use the Chinese app, an app from a trusted source here’s something from Google. Files app is a reliable and reliable app that comes from Google.

In addition to its cleaning and backup features, there is an additional feature that allows you to share files quickly and offline without using data. Similar to Apple’s Airdrop, File Transfer serves as a file transfer to transfer files from your phone to another phone.

Install the Files app from the Google Play Store on both devices and share files with local quality without using mobile data. The app’s user interface is very secure and easy.

download from given links:-


share it banned
  1. 5.Share all

Like Geoswitch, this application is also made in India, if you are also from India and want to remove Chinese apps, then you can use Share All for this, although this application still has some shortcomings but it is slow- It will slowly improve and it is becoming a fast famous application according to download numbers. it is also in progress for IOS and Windows platform versions which will be available soon.

To download Android version click here:- Android

Best File Sharing Apps for android

Bonus app ( Sweech )

Sweech allows you to share files easily on any computer, tablet, or smartphone.

You don’t need any cable or other app, Sweech takes care of everything!

I have added this application on the list because I use it a lot and it helps me whenever another person’s device doesn’t meet the requirement of the same apps.

for using this you have to go to the receiver’s browser and type in FTP URL which appears when you start the app. Then you get a complete list of files of your device on the receiver’s device.

For download click here:- Android


 there are many other file sharing applications like airdroid, firefox send, zapya, share me (mi drop). But I have not included those in this list because some of them are free only with very limited features and others could be risky to use as they are rumored to be of china.

thanks for reading this.

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