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Today, people wish to use WhatsApp with USA number. Simply you can create an account with your fake U.S number for WhatsApp(A fake name here means a virtual (VoIP) number not purchased by you).

Have you ever noticed that there may be many persons in your contact list who change their real number in WhatsApp with USA number and run WhatsApp with that, hiding their privacy?

You must have also wanted to get the account for WhatsApp with US number.

WhatsApp is the biggest social networking application being used in today’s time, which people also use on Android, iOS, and Windows. With this application, all people are connected and it is being used for much big business today.

WhatsApp is one of the most popular and most helpful social applications for iOS users and Android users. WhatsApp has a windows version so now you can chat with your family and friends using a PC. It provides a web version for users to use WhatsApp without downloading any software or app to a PC by visiting the WhatsApp web only.

Here I am going to tell you one such trick on getting a fake U.S number for WhatsApp using which you can use WhatsApp along with any other country number without giving your original number for use.

This trick is only appropriate to protect your privacy and to be used as a joke with anyone, it should not be used to harm any other person.

Benefits of this trick:

International number.
Hiding your original number to get a secure account.
More privacy.
Call your family and friends by sending a message with a U.S number.
Keep your phone number safe.
Unlimited international numbers for free.  
you can also use a temporary version number.
Prank your Friends by sending a message with U.S country number.

Steps to create WhatsApp with USA number:

As you all know all old tricks to create WhatsApp with USA numbers are banned now, but we searched another way by which you will get WhatsApp us number free.

You must read and follow all the steps carefully. I guarantee you that you will not have any trouble and will get your WhatsApp with USA number very easily.


Lets get to the steps :-

1. You have to download and install the 2nd line application to your tablet or smartphone. You can download easily this app from the Google Play Store or by clicking this link.

2. You have to download some free VPN like turbo VPN, high VPN, or any other VPN and connect it to the U.S. server.

3.Now you have to open and finish the installation process of the 2nd line app. Then open the 2nd line app and complete the sign-up process exactly like this.

Click on get started.


whatsapp with usa number

Now you can use either your original mail id or any temporary mail address for this like I used this one as shown in the image for the sign-up process.

For temporary emails, you can use,, or any other temp mail service.

Enter your password and click sign up

Now click on the setup button

U.S number for whatsapp

4.Here is the main thing to notice

Open your WhatsApp either in multiwindow or this process should be done in two separate mobiles, by which this will be faster because your generated numbers stay there only for 45 seconds.

Now enter area code in the 2nd line application.
You have to try some area codes here (like 217, 214, 269, 747, 737, 709, 450, 289, 226, 778, 587, 604, 687 or anything from 213 to 989)  because WhatsApp has blocked many area codes for using U.S number for WhatsApp.

I said to open WhatsApp first because when you see the number list screen like this.


fake us number for whatsapp

5.Now don’t just click on the number to select it.

First, try that number in WhatsApp if WhatsApp accepts that number and sends otp to that number then click on that number if WhatsApp U.S number gets rejected then you have to try another number.

You can get your fake us number for WhatsApp in very first try or it can take you 5 to 10 tries to get the working number.

But it is my guarantee this trick for WhatsApp with USA number will work as it is tested today.

6. When WhatsApp accepts and sends otp to that number, that means this is the US number to verify WhatsApp.Select that number quickly from the number selection screen.

whatsapp with usa number

Now go to app info and turn all the permissions ON except camera permission like this.

whatsapp number usa girl

7. After this click on the “call me” button in WhatsApp application. Your phone will ring but don’t answer the call otherwise, your WhatsApp us number could get blocked as it will be detected as a fake U.S number for WhatsApp.

The call will be disconnected automatically and you will receive a voicemail message in 2nd line app like this open that and play that voice message you will hear the otp.

how to whatsapp usa number

8. Enter the otp in WhatsApp application and boom you have your WhatsApp account with USA number ready.

whatsapp with usa number 2020



9. Enter the profile name and click next.

10. Now final step if you don’t want to lose your fake us number for WhatsApp.
Do this
Go to settings> account> Two-step verification and enable it.
Enter your real email address and save settings.


U.S number for whatsapp


SO, this is the latest working trick on WhatsApp with USA number 2020 year. I, hope you successfully had your U.S number to verify the Whatsapp account using this simplest way. All old tricks stopped working, so don’t give them a try.

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