WhatsApp Messenger Rooms: make video calls with 50 people at a time

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WhatsApp Messenger Rooms

How to make video calls with 50 contacts at a time?

Recently there has been a great update on WhatsApp. After this update, you can make a video call with 50 people simultaneously on WhatsApp Messenger Rooms with this Whatsapp trick. You all know that WhatsApp was limited to making video calls with only 8 people, but now you can talk on a video call with 50 people in this way.

In fact, just a few days ago, a feature has been launched to make a video conferencing room in Facebook messenger, which gives the option of a simultaneous video conference with up to 50 people. Facebook has implemented this feature by connecting it only with WhatsApp.

How to use Messenger Rooms on WhatsApp?

WhatsApp Messenger Rooms: How to use?

To use this video call on whatsapp with Messenger Room feature,  you have to open any chat in WhatsApp and select the room option by clicking on the attach button which will open your messenger application. Apart from this, by going to the calling option in WhatsApp, you can also select this room icon to make messenger room for video calls.

There will be two types of conditions for using this messenger room feature on whatsapp.
First, if you make room for WhatsApp and share its link, then in this condition you will need to have an account on all three of applications, first of which is WhatsApp itself, second is Facebook, and third is the Facebook messenger. You can also install these three apps from here: –


Facebook (Android , IOS )

Messenger (Android , IOS)

But if you are a user of the second category of condition for Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp, in which you are not sending a link for video conferencing by creating a room yourself,  just want to join it,  then you must have an account on WhatsApp only.

Apart from this Messenger and Facebook will not be required and you can also use the browser to join this conference.
Now, do you want to know How to make video calls with 50 contacts at a time on Whatsapp?
So read these steps carefully.

Steps to create Rooms in WhatsApp Messenger Room:-

Let’s see steps according to the first condition in which you make a room and share the link.
For this, WhatsApp should be installed on your phone, and the Facebook messenger application should be installed. Also, your Messenger application has to be logged in with Facebook.

After that, you have to open your WhatsApp. After opening WhatsApp, you have to go to the calls tab or open any chat and click on the button attached to it. Where you will see a new option called Room.

Now as soon as you click on the icon named room, you will get a notification in WhatsApp  “Continue with messenger”, which after clicking on WhatsApp redirects you to your Facebook messenger.

After this, there is an option in front of you to create a room, in which when you click on Create room as, then there are room options for the room,  in which you can choose the name of the room and what is the purpose of making this room and who can join. We can do these settings.

After this, the link which we can share on WhatsApp for your room appears when you click on the Next button. You can share this link in any group or you can share it in the personal chat with the people you want to join.
On clicking this link, the option will come in front of them, only 50 people can join it to join your room.

How to setup and use Messenger Rooms in WhatsApp?

Now the second condition when you just have to join the room.
 In this case, you already have a link from someone else. All you have to do is click on that link. If you have Messenger installed on your phone, then your Messenger opens in which you can enter your name to show in the room, and then after clicking the join button you will enter that room for video conferencing.

If you do not have messenger on your phone, then after clicking on that link, you get to select the Browser option. You can open that link in any one of the stable browsers (Google Chrome suggested) and after that, if you have your Facebook account, you can log in it.

If you do not have a Facebook account on, then you can also join as Guest by just entering your name.
This means that the other condition you only have to install Whatsapp.
Apart from this, it is not necessary to have an account on Facebook and Messenger, without them you can enter a video call of 50 people on WhatsApp.

For information, let us know that this update is not yet secure with End to End encryption. Meaning that your normal  WhatsApp video call, in which you can connect with 8 people, that is end to end encryption secure, it cannot be hacked anywhere.
But after this update, the security of the room that you have got is not yet the same, but WhatsApp will soon improve it with the update.

so that was a short tutorial on How to make video calls with 50 contacts at a time.

With this, according to sources in India TV News, it is being discovered that WhatsApp is going to launch its payment method soon. For which it is waiting for approval in India, after the introduction of this payment method, you will be able to transfer money through WhatsApp.
Payment service on WhatsApp is available in many countries recently and in the coming time, this service could be the number one UPI payment service in the whole world.

Any trick I have told you here is not to use in any wrong way, it is just being taught to you for educational purpose.

Disclaimer- Some content is used for educational purposes under proper use. Exemption from copyright under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, the permit is intended for “appropriate use” for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, student, and research. Improper use is a copyrighted use that is likely to be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal funds reflect equitable expenditure.

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