Reels Instagram ( The best TikTok alternative )

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Tiktok alternatives

Best TikTok alternative : Reels Instagram.

In India’s preferred action to ban TikTok and numerous other Chinese applications over security insurance concerns, Instagram has broadened its TikTok alternative rival, which is Reels Instagram.



As same as TikTok, the Instagram Reels offer you all the features which are like a countdown timer, video recording speed to slow motion or fast record video and selecting music or song for your video with very simplified steps.



Making Reels is very straightforward and simple if you follow these steps.






How to make Reels on Instagram:-


1. Open Instagram.



2. Tap the camera symbol on the upper left. 



3. At the base, you’ll see alternatives, for example, Live, Story, and Reels. Tap Reels



4. Now start making a Reels video. The greatest length of any video cut is 15 seconds right now. I will walk you through all the choices in the following. 



5. Now you will see a white button that will work for starting and stopping recording as our mobile’s camera video button.




6.Before you begin recording you can include a couple of effects by symbols on the left side.

Here is the option to change the speed of our video recording with the button which is like a play symbol. To change the speed you have to select its meter where 0.3x value is for super slow motion and 3x value is for the fastest movement recording. if you want to add some special effects in the video, you have to go to the effect section which will be accessible from a smiley icon and then swipes from the effects available. After selecting effects from the sliding circle you have to make a single tap on the effect item and your video recording will be started.



8. Instagram Reels gives the option to set a three-second clock timer before recording any video. Tap the clock symbol on the left and set the video time duration for your video(0.1 to 15 seconds) and tap Set Clock. 

when you will start recording by clicking the record button a 3-second timer clock will come on screen after that video recording will get started.




9. Now the last step, here you can add your favorite music or song by clicking on the music icon which appears on the top left corner. Reels have included a new feature for which every TikTok user was waiting, it has given an option to select video area of a 15 second from any time of a song. A screen will appear showing you lyrics of the song, which will make it easier to select the part where you want to record your creative video. By this feature, you can make videos perfectly syncing your lips with on-screen lyrics.



Note:- Significant thing to note here is that the Instagram Reels feature has been available for everyone however in the event that on the off chance that you despite everything can’t see the feature on your application, you have to update your Instagram application.


To update Instagram, simply go to the Google Play Store/Application Store, open the application and tap update, your Instagram application will be updated. 


That’s a simple step by step guide for all, who are missing Tiktok videos after its ban.



Have fun with this new feature.



however, there are many other apps which give similar facility of making videos like TikTok but all TikTok alternatives need too many improvements in their UI and many bugs need to be fixed for simplicity of using those apps.

Reels permits users to make and post short, 15-second videos set up with a good soundtrack or other sounds, like TikTok. 


Other available apps for alternatives to TikTok video app:

  1. DubSmash
  2. Chingari
  3. Mitron
  4. Funimate
  5. Triller


You can download and try these apps also by clicking on their names in the above list.



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