How to access blocked sites and banned apps?

We all know that nowadays some many sites and applications are being banned by some Internet service providers or by the government.

Indian government has also banned 59 apps on 30 june 2020, which were violating in Indian law and  collecting users privacy data.

However, it could be harmful to us to access such applications and sites, besides knowing all this, if there is someone who wants to use these applications and sites, then there are many  options available for them  from which we can get access to it.

I will be showing you all the working methods on how to access blocked websites in india and other countries also.


Whatever information is being provided here is not meant to break any kind of the law or to harm anyone’s privacy information, it is only for an educational purpose and should be used for the same.

Although there are many ways available for this, some of which are powerful which constantly work are in front of you:-



1. The first of these is to use the Tor network –

Full form of TOR is “the onion router”.

also, some websites can be accessed only by the tor browser which is not named or, they are in the format of xxa1113v54 onion (.onion format).

Using Tor Browser is not illegal, 

it is completely legal if your purpose is not of black-marketing and it is also available and verified app on Play Store, ios app store and for pc downloads. 

But most of the work done by people using these browsers show illegal activity. So before using the Tor browser we have to decide that we should not break the rules.

Also, it is not as safe as a VPN and all the things we get in it are related to the black market in which we should never deal and It is highly recommended to use a VPN along with the TOR browser. It will increase your safety by hiding your private data and information that could be used to hack your device while surfing on the TOR network.

Currently, TOR browsers are used by many of the credit card sellers and drug dealers and many more illegal activities which also include child porn. 

But we are not doing it for anything like that which could get us in danger. Our target is getting access to blocked sites which are not accessible for some reasons either by ISP or by school, offices network, and are not wrong in any law.

There are many such browsers available for using the Tor network, which is available on both mobile and computers and they are called the Tor browsers.

Apps for TOR browser available to access blocked sites on play store are (click on your platform to get app)

Tor browser for ( android , ios)

Orbot (android )

Onion browser (android , ios )

and more you can search for…

for downloading on laptop or computer you can go through this link

Note:- you should never use real information while browsing this it could lead to harm your privacy and could get to know as an illegal action.

2. Built-in VPN browsers

Yes, I am telling you to use browsers that already have a free VPN setup inside their inbuilt feature. You just have to open the browser and turn on VPN in the settings and boom your access will be granted to open the website of your choice. 

For this, some of the very good browsers available in my view are as below:-

Opera VPN (android,windows)

Firefox focus (android)

Psiphon(android , ios , windows)

you can go to a direct download page for these by clicking links as per your device.


android block apps
access to blocked apps , access to blocked sites

3. Using DNS 

DNS is a short form of Domain Name System.

By customizing in the DNS server, 

you can also speed up your internet speed, as you can also access restricted websites, for which many tools are available which are also on the play store.

Mostly Google DNS and Open DNS are used in this method to access the Internet.

Apps available for this are –

DNS changer (android , ios , ) Cloudflare (android , ios ,windows)

Manually customization to this can lead to no internet on your device if you don’t have the proper knowledge or a guide available. here I found a page that you can be used for customizing DNS settings.

4. Using IP address instead of site URL

Although this method can be used only in school, college and office, but still I am putting it in this list because it is effective in many places.

Do you know that every website has its IP address along with the URL?

Now the real thing comes, how can we find that IP address

So here is the trick:-

On smartphones like android and ios, there are apps available such as 

Visual traceroute (android )

Netscan tools basic (ios)

and many more (try them yourself).

Type in URL of the website there and IP address will be available just with a blink.


 For computer :-

On windows, we have to open command prompt either by typing cms in the run or accessing through the start menu and type tracert in command prompt to get its IP address.

For mac devices, Open network utility and click traceroute then enter a website address

For Linux, Type dig in terminal to get its IP address

Now what ?

Enter the IP address which was traced by the above methods to go through that site.

how to access blocked websites
access blocked sites

5. Using proxy websites

what proxy websites do?

proxy websites grant you access by bypassing main controls or firewalls without getting your IP address revealed.

This is the easiest way to open access denied URL.

We have to go to any one of the websites listed below and enter the address of the site that we have to access.



6.using VPN (best and safe trick)


as the name describes VPN connects your device’s server to a server which is in another country and permits you to browse the internet from that server. So how the process goes, suppose you are in India and you select a server from the USA. when it connects you, go to the browser then type the URL which is not allowed in India and hit enter. the page gets opened because that page is accessible from the USA. The same thing goes for apps.


Out of all the other methods, this is the only one that is the safest, fastest, and effective everywhere.

VPN applications are available for Android iOS for Windows and more platforms.

For using this you have to open the vpn app or extension and connect to the other country’s server and your device will be completely running on that specific server and you will be able to access blocked sites and apps which are not available in app market.

It is also available as an extension for many browsers.

For mobile devices, this is the only way from that we can access banned apps and access blocked apps that are unavailable to us, either in our country due to a guideline or even in offices and colleges.

Some of the most used VPN applications are:-

ExpressVPN (android, ios, windows)

NordVPN (android, ios, windows)

IP Vanish (android, ios, windows)

Good VPN services charge some amount but for accessing a site or app you can get many VPN apps free 

such as turbovpn, protonvpn, etc…

open banned apps , open tiktok

Despite all this information, we should follow the law and not use banned apps and sites knowing  that we do not have to use all this information for any illegal activity, it is only given for educational purposes to access blocked sites and apps.

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