10 best gallery vault apps for Android 2020

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Gallery vaults

10 best gallery vault apps for Android 2020


In the smartphone, we keep clicking many of our photos and videos and nowadays. Everyone keeps many moments of their life on their phone as photos and videos.
Many of which are very happy to show for everyone but there are many such pictures, which we want to hide from everyone in Photo Locker or Gallery Vault.
In such a situation, we can not keep our phone with us at all times, it is not possible. Numerous times we have to leave our phone or go somewhere, then at that time, there is a fear of security in mind for the private photos and videos on our phone, which we do not want to be exposed to anyone else.

In such a situation, I have brought some such applications for you, which will make your work easier, many of these applications are such that one cannot even find out that this is a Gallery Vault and is being used to hide photos and videos.

So the question is that do you want to know the best app to hide pictures and videos on android?

Do you want to know what apps are available to hide photos in a gallery locker or Gallery Vault?

Do you want to know How to hide photos and videos on android?

Then read this post till the last and try using the gallery vault application of your choice, if you face any problem then you can tell us in the comment section.

10 best Gallery Vault apps for Android 2020

1.Browser Lock Secret Gallery

Now, this is the application that according to me most of you have never seen nor downloaded it.You may have never seen such a feature like this gallery vault has.I found this application browsing. In this application, you get such a feature that it works like a browser.

This app is the most different, you can select any of the three sites Google, Yahoo, Bing and it will work as an original search engine.
But when you enter your password which you have set earlier, then your gallery vault opens.
We can also change the icon of this application.

When you use it, you will find that by running this application normally like a search engine, no one can find that a photo locker is hidden inside it.
I liked this application very much and I think this is the best vault app by its feature. You should also try it.

The rating on its play store is 4.2 out of 5.
You can use this button to download it: –



LockMyPix is a tremendous Gallery Vault application, in which we can also set face lock with fingerprint, pin, and pattern. In this, photos of inbuilt memory are available along with the support of the SD card to lock. Even in this Photo Locker application, you can use a fake lock system when someone forces you to open your application, then you will be able to open such gallery vault only by entering the pre-set password. While accessing fake locker it will not show any of your vault files.
The specialty of this application is that it does not just hide photos and videos, but also encrypts them with AES Encryption so that no one will be able to rename and open the file.

This Photo Locker has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the play store.

To download it, you can click on this button: –



3. Calc box

The Calc Box application looks like a calculator and does all our work like a calculator. In this, we can also do all the calculations, but along with this, there is a secret gallery vault hidden inside it, which we can open with the fixed pin code itself.Within this Photo Locker calculator, we can use it to hide pictures and videos.

Apart from this, there is a feature inside it, from which we can also take a photo of the person who tries to open our gallery vault by entering the wrong code.
The inbuilt image viewer and video player are also part of this application. We also get a safe private browser.

This Gallery Vault application has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the Play Store.
You can use this button to download it: –



Like the application mentioned above, Sgallery also hides the file with the help of AES Encryption. Apart from this, privacy browser and app lock are also available as additional features.The biggest feature is that you can close this application just by shaking the phone.

It has a calculator skin available free of cost so that this application will look like just a calculator but we can open photo vault by accessing it secretly.

This Gallery Vault has a rating of 4.7 out of 5 on the play store.
You can also download it by clicking here: –


5. Clock – The Vault

This application is completely different. After opening this Clock – The Vault application, you will not know whether it is just a clock or there may be a Gallery Vault inside it.To open Gallery vault, the first thing you need to do is set a password according to the time format, like 00:45 or 2:30 whatever you want.

After setting the password, you have to click on the round button given in the middle of the clock, after which you will enter it in the gallery vault.
Now whenever anyone sees it, it will look just like a clock, which has all the clock features such as alarm and viewing time.But whenever you want to access Gallery Vault, first you have to click on the middle button once, then re-enter the set password and press the middle button, which will open your Gallery Vault.

There is also a hacker protection system inside this gallery locker application, so after entering the wrong password, your application will be locked for a minute.You can use the rest of the features like fake gallery vault and face down action yourself.

It has a rating of 4.4 out of 5 on the play store.
Click this button to download Clock – The Vault: –


6.  1Gallery

 1Gallery is an advanced gallery vault. It is very smooth and fast. In this application, you can also use a fingerprint to open the lock.
 In this Photo Locker, you can hide both photos and videos. Apart from this, it has some extra features so that you can crop, rotate, resize, and edit photos as well.

InbuiltVideo trimmer has also been provided in this application for video editing, which is not found in any other Gallery Vault.

In 1Gallery we can watch videos with subtitles and there are two types of themes also available, one of which is light and one is dark.
The application rating in the Play Store is 4.4 out of 5.
 You can download it with this button: –

7.Dialer vault

After opening the Dialer vault application, you get its interface exactly like your phone’s dialer and it also works like the phone’s dialer.
If you dial someone’s number and call it, then the call gets connected, but when we enter the pin already set in it and press the call button, then we get our secret gallery in which we get all our photos And videos or anything can lock the media.

Subsequent features include a break-in alert, which lets us know that if someone tries to access this locker and enters the wrong PIN, we get a photo of it.
 The rating of this application on the Play Store is 4.4 out of 5.
You can use this button to download it: –


8. Gallery vault

The gallery vault application gives you the option to encrypt all kinds of media files, audio, video, photos, animated images, and every kind of file and there is another feature in the application, from which you can remove its icon from App Drawer. This option is found in the app setting of this gallery locker.
Apart from this, we can also lock the SD card file from it.

It also has a system of Fake passcode so that by using Fake passcode in it we can open the gallery vault which will contain only the files we want to show. The photo and video that we have hidden in truth will be open only by inserting the original Passcode and besides, there is a system of shake to lock, so that we can lock the gallery vault back by just shaking the device.

This application provides a private web browser with which we can download photos and videos directly in its locker.

The rating of this application on the play store is 4.6 out of 5.
You can download it from here: –


9. Compass gallery vault

This application is also a bit unique like all other applications. After opening it, you get the user interface of the compass, seeing that everyone feels that it is a normal compass application.But when you click on its given button, then the option to enter your password from there.After this, its Hidden Gallery Vault opens.Along with this, you also get a system of fingerprint lock in this.

The rating of the application is 4.5 out of 5 on the Play Store.
You can use this button to download it: –


10. Hide something

Hide something In the application you get a very simple and easy UI. You can protect both your photos and videos using this Gallery Vault application.
 It has an extra feature, with which you also get Fake Mode and Google Drive Backup, meaning you can save all your photos on Google Drive.Also, you can lock all photos of Google Photos.

To lock photos and videos from anywhere, you can go to the direct share button.You can select the name of the application and all your photos and media are locked.In addition, it has a desktop browser available which you can use to surf the internet from this application.You can install it and try all features yourself.

It has a rating of 4.6 out of 5 on the Play Store.
You can download Hide Something with this button: –


Bonus App:-

Safe Gallery

Safe Gallery is a very old application that has been used by many people many times. In this application, you get a very simple UI that can make your work very quickly and can also remove its ads by downloading its PRO version. Along with this, you can lock all types of media files like audio, video, photos, and Gif images with the features you get in it.

Safe Gallery also has an inbuilt media player available. If you uninstall this application, then the option for media recovery is also given inside it.

The rating of this gallery locker application on the play store is 4.2 out of 5.
You can download gallery locker with this button: –


This was the list of the best gallery vault apps that you can use as photo locker, gallery locker, or gallery vault whatever we can name it.

Any trick I have told you here is not to use in any wrong way, it is just being taught to you for educational purpose.

Disclaimer- Some content is used for educational purposes under proper use. Exemption from copyright under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, the permit is intended for “appropriate use” for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, student, and research. Improper use is a copyrighted use that is likely to be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal funds reflect equitable expenditure.

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