The best top 10 Whatsapp Tricks and Hacks of Whatsapp: bet you don’t know

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hacks of whatsapp tricks

The best 10 hacks of Whatsapp we bet you don't know

Who does not use WhatsApp? In today’s generation, WhatsApp is used by everyone, someone uses it for their business purpose, someone uses it for their daily gossips.

Do you want to know how to share a contact with someone on Whatsapp without revealing your number?
Do you know that the YouTube video link you send to your contact can be started directly from where you want it to be played?
Do you want to know how to share your Fake location with someone on WhatsApp?
Do you know that you can download all the status of Whatsapp without using any other application?
Do you know that you can only delete media of a specific chat or group on Whatsapp?

I am going to tell you the best 10 hacks of Whatsapp that will take your WhatsApp experience on the top level.

Let’s check these WhatsApp hacks list one by one:-


1. Youtube link video playtime setting: hacks of WhatsApp to play YouTube videos on Whatsapp by your given time

You know that every video that we send from YouTube to Whatsapp, it plays from the beginning. But let’s say that the video is of 10 minutes
and you want to play it directly from 5:20 after sharing the video.

To do this, click on the Share button of Youtube and go to WhatsApp. Click on the name of the one you want to share video, as soon as you
come over the keyboard where you see the link of the video. Just after that link, you have to type this ” ?t= (your timestamp here)”.  Suppose
if your video is 10 minutes 25 seconds and you want to play it from 5 minutes 20 seconds then it will be something like this. 
What will happen here is the video will be played from 5:20 because you wrote That time, the video will start from there. You can see the screenshot:


2. Whatsapp hack for downloading status without any app.

If you want to get WhatsApp story of any contact what trick you do? I think many people just message that person and ask them for sending story video or they install a Status Downloading app from the play store but you do not need to do both of them.

Here is a hack for Whatsapp all you have to do is to open the file manager like my files, explorer, etc… directly on your mobile. Go to internal storage and go to the folder containing media in the WhatsApp folder. There is a 3 dot menu in the upper corner of your file manager, click on that then go to settings and enable hidden files there. After that, you will find that there will be a folder called .statuses. Where you will get all the status stories you have seen of your contacts, you will be able to see the entire list there. You can copy any of these videos or photos you want in any other folder, that’s it. 🙂


3. Whatsapp QR CODE

Well, this is not a hack for WhatsApp this is a feature that most people don’t know. QR code support of WhatsApp works like if you want to give the contact detail for WhatsApp to someone but you think how to share the number, in such a way, you can do that directly on the top right of WhatsApp which is the 3 dot menu, you have to click there. After that, a new option has appeared inside the settings of Whatsapp That is QR CODE.

Whatsapp’s feature of QR code is similar to that seen inside Instagram. You get to see a QR code from there, you can take a screenshot of it or send it to them directly so that whoever scans it will get direct chat screen to your profile. You can use this feature even if you have a business number and in which you want to provide support to someone directly with your products, then you can put a photo of this QR CODE with which you can contact someone.

There is no need to save the number and communication could be done more easily. You can also use the same QR CODE on your website.


4. Deleting the media of a single chat or group with hacks of WhatsApp tricks.

Due to the number of messages on Whatsapp, many such photos and videos are gathered on our phones, which fill your phone’s storage so much that If we go to delete it, then we do not even understand which photos to delete and which one to keep.

So we either have to delete all the media after getting upset or we have to waste our time to select one of them.
But there are many groups and chats whose media are of no use to us, and to delete them, we go to our gallery and select each photo and video.

Now read the WhatsApp hack I am telling you, this way you can directly delete the media of anyone’s chat or the messages that come in it. For this you have to open the settings of your WhatsApp, then later  Click on Data Storage and then go to Storage Usage and select the group or chat of those, whose media you want to delete.

After clicking on it, below comes the option of Free Up Space, on which On clicking, you get the selection mode. In which you can delete audio-video chat or complete media from the gallery without going to the gallery app with this simple hack of WhatsApp.

5. Changing your live location in Whatsapp sharing by this Whatsapp hack.

If you are somewhere and you do not want anyone to know your exact location even after sharing the live location.
In this case, you will have to download an application which you will find on the play store. The name of the application is Fake GPS.
I am giving you the link here :- Fake Gps

After installing this application you have to allow all its permissions. To use this Whatsapp hack properly, you have to go to your phone settings and go to Developer Options.
(If you do not get developer options in your phone’s settings, first go to the phone’s settings and then go to the About phone and continuously click on the build number 7 times so that the options will be activated on your phone. For xiaomi devices the option is named Miui version instead of build number. You can google it by typing how to enable developer mode for your device.)

After activating the developer option, you have to go to it and click on the mock location, then after clicking on the mock location, select the Fake GPS application.

Now your work is done, later you have to open the Fake GPS application and set the location anywhere in it. Apart from your city, you can set a location anywhere even in another country. The same location will be seen in the live sharing of your WhatsApp. This is the best hack of WhatsApp in the list.

In this, after setting your location, you have to go to WhatsApp and click on the attachment button then click on the live location. You will see the location that you have set. This location will also be visible to the contact with which you are sharing your location.


6. Sending your video in gif animation format.

Maybe many of you will know about this but this is a cool feature in the list of hacks of WhatsApp, so I am telling you about it again. You can send any of your videos as an animation using this feature. When you share your video from the gallery and click on the icon of WhatsApp, there are two types of video and gif options above. If you select the gif in it, you can send the video by converting it to animation.
In case if you don’t see the option to select gif then try shortening video time and options will be available.


7. Making notebook for yourself via hacks of Whatsapp.

For this, you have to create a group on WhatsApp, in which you have to add the number of any contact other than you. Now just simply remove other contacts you added before. After that, you can use this group to save notes, pictures, voice notes, media, photos for yourself.

8. Know the time when your message was read and who read with this simple Whatsapp Hack.

Often when we make a message in a group, then later we remain in a dilemma about who has read the message that we have sent and who has not. So to know this you have to use this hack of WhatsApp.
You have to go to that group of WhatsApp to which you have sent messages and long-press on your message. As long as you press long, many options will appear in front of you, including one (i) information button. On clicking that (i) button, you will get the whole list of who has read that message and what is its time.


9. Changing the style of Whatsapp text.

If you want to make the text you are sending on Whatsapp more stylish then you can write it in four types of styles.
If you want to make the text bold then you can write * your text here * like this.
If you want to write in italic, then you can _write your text here _
If you want to write strikethrough text then here you can ~write your text ~ like this.
If you want to write in a typewriter font, you can “`write your text here“` like this.

10. Read the message without showing a blue tick.

If you are also troubled by such things that “you have not even responded to my message after seeing it”, then with the help of this WhatsApp hack you can hide your blue tick. For this, you have to go to the settings of your WhatsApp, after that go to account and click on privacy.
There you will get an option of reading receipts just turn it off, after that the blue ticks of your message will stop appearing so that no one will know whether you have read their message or not with hacks of WhatsApp.


Bonus hack:

Send anyone Whatsapp messages without really typing that actually just by speaking.


Do you know that you can send the message of WhatsApp from your android and iOS phone to any particular contact by just saying?
First of all, you have to activate the assistant by saying Hey Siri or ok google and then say send WhatsApp to “contact name” saying how are you.
Or you can also say send how are you to “contact name” on WhatsApp.

Only after speaking this, you will see a pop up on the screen in which you get the option to edit your message and the message will be sent to your contact name.

So these are some new Hacks of Whatsapp, which you can use to increase your Whatsapp experience. Whatsapp hacks and Whatsapp tricks available here are fully working in every device.

Any trick I have told you here is not to use in any wrong way, it is just being taught to you for educational purpose.

Disclaimer- Some content is used for educational purposes under proper use. Exemption from copyright under section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, the permit is intended for “appropriate use” for purposes such as criticism, commenting, news reporting, teaching, student, and research. Improper use is a copyrighted use that is likely to be infringing. Non-profit, educational, or personal funds reflect equitable expenditure.

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